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Winnovation is the US subsidiary of Bouygues Group, a worldwide diversified industrial group based in France and organised around 3 sectors of activity: construction, telecoms and medias.
Our mission is to find American startups and firms to collaborate with and to implement their solutions into the group.

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The Group Bouygues has 5 major subsidiaries

Bouygues Construction

Bouygues Construction

A global player in construction with operations in 80+ countries, we design, build and operate building, infrastructure and industrial projects.

Bouygues Immobilier

Bouygues Immobilier

An urban developer/operator, we develop residential, office, retail and sustainable neighbourhood projects to make urban living better.



A world leader in transport infrastructure construction and maintenance, we promote solutions for responsible mobility.


TF1 Le Groupe

As the leading media group in France, we have a mission to inform and entertain. We offer our audiences a wide variety of channels and services for people of all ages.

Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues Telecom

As a major player in the French electronic communications market, we are committed to delivering the best possible digital experience to everyone and to developing uses.

Start-up, VC, Incubator or Accelerator?
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We can help you grow across Europe. Our market power in different industries can make you access the European market very fast. We do not take capital participations, we can become your first European client or help you develop your business thanks to our network and business connections. Just give us a call!

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A major player in one of our industries?
Let's share ideas and good practices!

We think that American and European actors can share information and good practices and/or achievements in order to perform better in our own markets. We do think that we can create a deep and true win/win relationship by helping each other to create, sell and proceed better.

Let's see what we can do!

Why collaborating with us?

Our trading power in France

We are N°1 in media and construction industries, and the N°2 French mobile carrier.

Our strong partnerships

We work with the C.I.F.E. of Standford and the research labs of the M.I.T.

Our presence everywhere

We have offices in San Francisco and in Boston, and a strong network across the U.S.

We make it. And we make it well!

Our commercial strength and our business-oriented mindset will make you the leader of tomorrow.



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The Team behind Winnovation

Our team is composed of great members that are dedicated to their area of expertise, which allows us to further understand what your current challenges are.

  • Franck Moine
  • Franck Moine


    Franck spent 17 years working on developing new businesses for Bouygues Telecom. He then took the role of Head of M2M Business Unit. His expertise in M2M and IoT brought him to Objenious as Deputy CEO, a Bouygues Telecom subsidiary developing IoT solutions and LoRa network. He is now the CEO of Winnovation, with a strong expertise in Telco and Smart cities solutions.

  • Clément Anthonioz-Blanc
  • Clement Anthonioz-Blanc

    VP Telco Media

    Clement worked as a strategic consultant for 3 years before moving to the telecommunication industry. He then joined Bouygues Telecom as a Marketing specialist and launched the new set top box 'Bbox Miami' on Android TV. 3 years later, in 2016, he joined the Bouygues US office. He is a business specialist of B2C markets in telecommunications and media industries.

  • Hedi Calabrese
  • Hedi Calabrese

    VP Construction

    After 2 years of experience as an Energy consultant for building, Hedi joined the Innovation departement of Bouygues construction and became an Open Innovation Manager. He worked over more than 140 POCs with external partners and Bouygues Construction employees to change the way we build buildings.

  • Adrien Chaussinand
  • Adrien Chaussinand

    VP Real Estate

    Adrien conducted scientific research during one year at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale of Lausanne. He then joined Bouygues Immobilier in 2015 in the Innovation Department. He worked on several innovative projects among which 'Entre voisins', a private residential social network. In April 2018, Adrien took charge of Bouygues Group - MIT relationship in Boston.

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