Our Main Activities

Strategic Business Development

Finding New Partners

The business developers are in charge of detecting and contacting companies or startups that could become key strategic partners.

Winnovation also assists its customers with the negotiations or the support of a partnership.



Market Watch

Finding Innovation

Winnovation maintains an active scouting of the US market in several subjects : technology, marketing and strategy.

We cover all topics that could be related to the group’s core businesses in construction, media and telecommunications.

On demand studies

Understanding the Market

With a certain proximity with American companies and a demonstrated expertise of the US market, Winnovation provides the group with studies or lead consulting services on problems concerning the North American market.

Our latest reports covered diversified problematic such as the impact of Over the top players on Linear TV, the new ROI of Big Data, the APIs of American tier-one carriers, etc.



Business Trips

Doing the Matchmaking

Winnovation organizes business trips in the USA for C-levels in order to cover a specific subject or trend studied preemptively.

Meetings include big companies (Microsoft, Google, IBM, Cisco … ), telecoms key players (Comcast, CBS, AT&T, Verizon… ), universities (Stanford, Berkeley) and startups with disruptive products and services.

The aim of these trips is to build strong relationships with potential partners, and see how startups’ technologies could fit the use cases the conglomerate brings.

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